Norwegian Financial Instrument 1 2016.08.12

Start-up enterprise “VIZULO” Ltd., under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme “Green Industry Innovation” and open project competition organised by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and the Ministry of Economics of Latvia, implemented the project “Establishment of production lines for LED smart panels for decreasing emissions and smaller consumption of resources” (No. NOFI/LV06/AK2/22) and purchased metalworking and colour coating machinery, SMT, digital and electrical equipment.

Research was carried out, a specification compiled and procurement issued to the Procurement Monitoring Bureau by choosing the best advanced and environmentally friendly equipment. As a result of the procurement, the 2 most appropriate suppliers were selected: UAB “Abplanalp Engineering” and “KRETStechnic nordic”.

Metalworking and painting equipment was supplied by UAB “Abplanalp Engineering”.

SMT equipment and digital and electrical instruments were supplied by “KRETStechnic nordic”.

The project was completed on 8 July 2016. Using these installations, "VIZULO" Ltd. produces components for all the “VIZULO” luminaries and performs painting jobs, reducing the company's logistics volume and hence harmful emissions.

  LED modules and smart LED luminaries are energy-efficient and significantly reduce the impact on the environment; they improve the quality of light and provide customers with significant economic savings.



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