Having luminaires with long service time while switched on most of the time or specific clean room lighting is a key point to have a suitable health establishment. Careful glare limitation planning and daylight compensation with best colour rendering artificial lighting provides stability of inner biological clock as most of the time is spent indoors. Times involving resting and sleeping must be

assisted with biologically potent manmade lighting with high intensity levels or this time large bluish component accordingly to the certain daytime. Emotional state of patients must be preserved so age appropriate bedside lighting, emergency lighting, hallway lighting (using indirect luminaires) is LED priority as to enhance comfort and increase efficiency. Specific lighting with higher illuminance level is needed for e.g. stimulation during night shifts and operation rooms where high precision lighting, while not occupying a lot of space, requires easy maintenance and is fit for sterile room standards. Eyes lose their acuity with age and for more subtle visual tasks artificial light compensates the loss with highly effective bluish components filtered out.