Hotel & Wellness

First appearance always is valued and using luminaires to enhance the building’s appearance gives a choice to reflect the concept of the institution. It can be done either with highlighting architectural elements, either decorating the façade and indoors. Every lighting action should be considered taking into account national and regional regulations and also using LED sustainability. The

visitor’s needs are the top priority and as they come to rest intuitive lighting design will become the key point in making the best of their stay, leaving satisfied with empowered feeling. In lighting management more can be achieved with LED’s insusceptibility to dimming and frequent switching in order to make gentle and dynamic changes in light tones. Gradual light change or predefined lighting scenes involving specific pools of light and dark areas when moving from, e.g. hallway to spa room, gives certain feeling of security and lowering the chances of anxiety due to minor dazzle. Indirect or distributed illumination, glare limitation also at steep angles reduces the chance of such unwanted situation.