Considering the time spent in the office lighting first of all sets the mood in the room and is therefore dependent on how it is adjusted to the workplace and how the avoiding the glare is taken care of. Achieving those needs makes working easier and improves the people’s performance, also well-being when chance of making errors, loosing concentration  and getting  exhausted is

decreased. While favouring daylight as chosen source of light it can still be enriched with artificial light at corresponding times of day to strengthen people and their body activity. Respecting the demographic tendency and also higher lighting levels for older co-workers preserves personality of each employee. Lighting management is perfected with LEDs – easily integrated into the system, investing now pays back later during the long service life, low maintenance trouble, reduced energy consumption and being unharmed by the frequent switching and dimming. Changing the lighting in different work areas while doing it with maximum energy savings using LEDs and trying designing lighting into the architecture creates the identity of the building and increase its value.