SMT line

Solder paste printing

Speedprint 710
Max board size - 610mm(x) by 508mm(y)

Min board size - 45mm x 45mm
Maximum PCB weight - 1Kg (2.2lb)
Max print area - 610mm(x) x 508mm(y)
Max PCB thickness - Up to 8mm (0.2”) including 1% warpage


              Different Frame sizes for stencils
              ZelFlex 29"x 25" (736mm x 636mm) with printing area 24,3" x 21,1" (616mm x 536mm)
              ZelFlex 29"x 29" (736mm x 736mm) with printing area 24,3" x 24,3" (616mm x 616mm)



Pick and Place machine
Min Board size - 70x50mm
Max Board size  - 736x609mm
Speed = 32000CPH
Possible mounting - Chip (from 0201), S028, S0T223, S0J20, PLCC32, MELF, S0D, TSOP, BGA, Flip chip, Odd-Shape, Surface-mount connectors, DPAK, Tantalum.
Largest component dimensions:  56 x 56 x 15 mm, height of the components with individual adaptation: up to 20 mm



Reflow owen
SMT Quattro Peak M N2 with nitrogen option (length: 3048mm / 5 heating zones)
Max board dimension 600mm x 508mm



Different conveyors to make all operations automatic
Conveyors consisting of in-line conveyor with solder printing and pick and place machine, workstation and board unloader.
Min board dimension 70mm x 50mm
Max board dimension 600mm x 508mm


              Magazines types for loaders with board max dimension sizes
              1. 600mm x 510mm
              2. 510mm x 300mm