Stork & Stork little brother model name changes 2015.10.26

Dear customers and partners,

          Due to the fact that VIZULO is improving model name and coding system for street luminaire series STORK and STORK Little Brother, draw your attention to the changes in the information of VIZULO technical documentation.
          The above changes are made to raise VIZULO and customers cooperation quality and make the most accurate luminaries selection and ordering process. VIZULO STORK and STORK Little Brother codes will be supplemented with the following information:

  • CRI-color rendering index;
  • Degree of surge protection;
  • Electrical safety class index.

In the nearest future these changes will be made throughout VIZULO related technical documentation: data sheets, certification, web page.

Thank you for your understanding!



Here under you can learn new model name principles for Stork and Stork Little  Brother.