Laboratory network for testing, characterisation and conformity assessment of electronic product products developed by SMEs (TEST-4-SME) 2020.09.30

Summary of the project – initiate an innovation support network in the BSR to provide testing and consultation for electronics 
SMEs on how to demonstrate conformity with international standards during early product development. No electronic product can be successfully placed in global markets if conformity to standards is not proven, which typically requires extensive testing of product prototypes. Early stage testing can also help avoid failures in later stages and thus can be extremely cost-effective as well. TEST-4-SME network members are conveniently located in the BSR and have expertise in a wide range of testing methods needed by electronics producers.
Project partners:
University of Tartu (Estonia), Riga Technical University (Latvia), University of Latvia (Latvia), Ventspils University College (Latvia), Applied Research Institute of Prospective Technologies (Lithuania), Centria University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design (Germany), JSC Modern E-Technologies (Lithuania), SIA "JLU Technologies" (Latvia), Crystalspace OÜ (Estonia), LTD VIZULO (Latvia), LCC "CRYOGENIC AND VACUUM SYSTEMS" (Latvia).
Lead Partner: University of Tartu, Tartu Observatory (Estonia).