No Rules

Product Overview

The architecture office NRJA (No Rules Just Architecture) was founded in Riga in 2008. NRJA is comprised of seven professionals with different mindsets, who seek truthfulness through daily discussions. A strong conception, clarity and provocation are the foundations of NRJA’s architecture.  

No rules 

An equilateral cross is used in cartography materials and graphic computer programs to form a grid, navigate an image and adhere to a given “frame”. To operate outside of the “frame”, one must dare to express an opinion that is not in line with the generally accepted. “No rules” is a symbol of this next step – the X shape is used to cross out any previous solutions and to find one’s own path. 

The two lines that form the X bisect and cross each other in a 90° angle. Depending on the direction the light object is turned and fixed on the ceiling, its meaning is changed from orthogonal clarity to a denial of conventional practices. 

Basic colours

  • Silver RAL9006
  • Black RAL9005
  • White RAL9016



220 - 240


50 - 60


7 - 40


Up to 2367 1


Up to 65


3000 / 4000 / TW 2700 - 6500 2


+10 to +35


>80 / >90 / >95 3

Body: Aluminium

Dimming: DALI / Non dimmable

Initial chromaticity: MacAdam 3

Lifetime: 100 000 h (L80B10) at Ta = 25 °C

                  50 000 h (L90B10) at Ta = 25 °C

Warranty: 5 years

Mounting: On Rod

Cover: Microprismatic / Opal

Human Centric Lighting: Available

Class I
LED module replaceable by a professional
LED driver replaceable by a professional

1  Lumen output indicated at CRI > 80
2  1800 / 2200 / 3500 / 5000 / 5700 / 6500 K available on request along with other not listed CRI and CCT
3  Sun-Mimic LED CRI: >90 / >95 

*This value is only informative and may change according to selected article. LED Lifetime is strongly depending from LEDs current and junction temperature – increase in LED current and luminaire power lead to increase of junction temperature and as consequence lifetime decrease. Thus, luminaire models with lower power, lower current (and lower junction temperature) will have higher lifetime than standard models. And high power and high current luminaire models may have negative lifetime deviation comparing to standard models. To receive precise value please contact VIZULO export representatives.

Technical parameters for final product can differ from typical data by 7% due to special conditions of LED manufacturing processes

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No Rules



Feature glass diffusion hanging plates


Controls & Connectivity


Terminal blocks and plugs