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    Like all Stork family premium products, Stork Little Sister is an elegant powerhouse with a perfect balance of performance and style. Despite the compact size, it can provide extraordinary power and various configuration options, including vandal protection, automatic midnight dimming (no need for external control infrastructure!), and quick tool-less access for the most effortless maintenance ever. A safety switch disconnects the power as soon you open the enclosure. And you can choose between two form-factors: with or without heat dissipation fins.But the customization doesn’t stop there! According to your needs, we can help you choose between a variety of sockets (Zhaga/NEMA), drivers, optics, reflectors, connectors, and even luminaire angle setups. Stork Little sister and the whole Stork product family are premium choices if you’re looking to light up the city streets or any outdoor spaces in style and grace.

    Basic Colours
    • Silver   RAL9006
    • Asphalt     DB703
    • Black        RAL9005

    Other colors available on request

    General Information
    • V198 - 264
    • Hz50 - 60
    • W5 - 80
    • lm430 - 10500 1
    • lm/W86 - 150
    • K2700 / 3000 / 4000 2
    • -40 to +50
    • CRI>70 / >80 3
    • mm433 x 170 x 104

    1-10 V; DALI; Midnight dimmingChromaticity tolerance (initial MacAdam): 5Warranty 5 years100 000 h (L90B10C10) 4100 000 h (L95B10C10) 5

    Surge protection: 6; 10 kV (optional) 6Spigot: ø 40 - 60, with accessories ø 32; ø 76Intelligent light control system: Radio frequency / Power line 7Socket: Zhaga / NEMA (configurations withZhaga socket up to 65 W)Body: Die-cast aluminiumMax. wind load area, SCd, m2: 0,033

    Class I

    Class II



    ENEC Plus

    International EPD System 8




    Zhaga zdi4

    LED module replaceable by a professional

    LED driver replaceable by a professional

    1 Lumen output indicated at CRI > 702 1800 / 2200 / 5000 / 5700 / 6500 K available on request  Amber option available3 Luminaries with color rendering index (CRI): Ra > 90 on request4 Average lifetime value for ECO model at Ta = 25 °C is 100 000 h L80/B10*5 Standard / High Density at Ta = 25 °C, this value is only informative and may change according to selected article6 10 kV ( L-N; L/N-PE ) surge protection device available on request7 Optional. Available only with DALI ; 1 - 10 V8 EPD registration number: S-P-04349 (link to page)

    *This value is only informative and may change according to selected article. LED Lifetime is strongly depending from LEDs current and junction temperature – increase in LED current and luminaire power lead to increase of junction temperature and as consequence lifetime decrease. Thus, luminaire models with lower power, lower current (and lower junction temperature) will have higher lifetime than standard models and will reach 100 000 h L90/B10. And high power and high current luminaire models may have negative lifetime deviation comparing to standard models. To receive precise value please contact VIZULO export representatives.

    Technical parameters for final product can differ from typical data by 7% due to special conditions of LED manufacturing processes


    Driver modularity

    Modular drivers offer you a new and improved experience of luminaries service and maintenance procedures- toolless, effortless mounting to spare your time and energy for more essential things in life.

    Lens variety and supply flexibility

    Multifocal eye lenses are common in the animal kingdom, from amphibians to mammals, including primates: different habitats demand different optical structures. VIZULO always takes an example from nature’s perfection; as a result, offering endless diversity with more than 100 optics to choose from, providing the best solutions for most simple to most complicated “habitats”.

    Human centric lighting

    Benefits from working in natural daylight are evident- improved mood, higher productivity, better emotional and physical wellbeing. For a simple reason: daylight constantly changes! From warm, pink rays in the dawn to cool, bright light in the middle of the day and back to calm, golden rays in the dusk. Human-centric lights by VIZULO offer you the experience of living under natural light, thus living in accordance with your body’s natural circadian rhythm, breaking down the borders between natural and artificial lighting. Inspired by nature, created by engineers, approved by science. Traditional lighting designed to change for your comfort.

    Reference #1
    Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, Hungary
    Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, Hungary
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    Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, Hungary
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