Human Centric Lighting

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Have you ever felt like you tired and sleepy, even though you had enough hour of sleep and it is currently only midday? Or have you had trouble falling asleep at night despite being physcially tired? Have you had problems with concentration, coordination, performing mental tasks? Have you experienced emotional disbalance lately? It may not be obvious, but inappropriate lighting might be at fault here. If you would like to find out how lighting affects your physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as how to ensure you are getting the best healthies lighting for your body, then keep reading. Human Centric Lighting is the solution!

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5 - 100


480 - 14700 2


96 - 158

Light plays a crucial role in controlling your daily life – whether you realize it or not. When visible light hits your eye, it excites melanopsin - a pigment found in your retina. Melanopsin excitation launches a reaction going all the way to your brain. There, a hormone called melatonin (commonly known as the “sleep hormone”) is being produced. The color and intensity of perceived light determines the amount of melatonin your brain produces.

When melatonin levels are high, you are feeling sleepy, and your body begins repairing cell damage that happened during the day. On the other hand, when melatonin production is slowed, you are at the peak of activity and coordination, feeling energized. Ultimately, light is the deciding factor that regulates your daily (or circadian) rhythm.

During the day, the color and intensity of natural sunlight changes constantly, allowing for dynamic production of melatonin – low during the day and high during the night. Indoors, you are primarily experiencing artificial light, which typically has one fixed color and intensity. This means that a constant amount of melatonin is being produced in your brain throughout the day, not allowing you to reach your fullest potential during active phase and preventing you from relaxing and recuperating throughout the night.

That is why VIZULO is offering Human Centric Lighting as a solution for indoor applications – using a smart system, VIZULO luminaires can change their light intensity and color temperature as the day progresses, imitating the dynamics of sunlight. Human Centric Lighting allows you to feel your best and is proven to have significant health benefits!

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